The Monarch Theatre

The Monarch Theatre elevates dining and entertainment with the promise of an exhilarating, multisensory gastronomic experience like no other.
Just make sure you book well in advance…


Pennyworth’s restaurant and bar is an undisputed art deco masterpiece and pays homage to the Wayne family’s faithful butler. Guests are invited to savour classic cocktails, the finest caviar and sample the legendary Inishtree single malt whisky.


The Iceberg Lounge

This stylish and spectacular setting is quite literally the coolest place in Gotham City. Founded and operated by the infamous Oswald Cobblepot, it boasts the freshest fish from Gotham City Harbor. With champagne, cocktails, exceptional food, live entertainment and decadence, what more could you ever desire?


Rogue’s Gallery

An exhibition of Selina Kyle’s most famous acquisitions, presented here exclusively and embellished by some of Gotham City’s most notorious citizens. The restaurant within the gallery boasts a menu of culinary masterpieces, giving its elite clientele a treat for the eyes and the palate.


Old Gotham City

Hidden on the seediest street in Old Gotham City lies a late-night bar by the same name. Inspired by the studies of Dr Pamela Isley and Dr Jonathan Crane, this bar of iniquity offers a safe haven for its criminal clientele to unwind, far from the prying eyes of the law.


Private Events

Whilst we take reservations up to six people, should you wish to book a larger table please call:

For private events or to enquire about our other spaces please email:

For exclusive Corporate and Private bookings of The Monarch Theatre please email:

or call:

The Monarch Theatre Gift Vouchers

To purchase a voucher for The Monarch Theatre please email:

With the following info:

  • The name of the guest you would like on the voucher
  • The number of tickets you would like (admit one or two)
  • Please specify lunch (£135) or a dinner (£195) voucher

Whisky & Cheese Pairing Masterclass Vouchers

£110 for two

To purchase a voucher for a whisky and cheese pairing masterclass please email:

With the following info:

  • The name of the guest you would like on the voucher
  • The number of tickets you would like (minimum two)
  • The voucher recipient has a choice of the following classes:

Tuesday and Wednesday






Park Row Black

Our bespoke collection of at-home and cellar gifts.


What's On

As well as serving some of the finest food and drink in Gotham City, The Iceberg Lounge also plays host to a glittering array of live musical talent. Please check back for updates and performance schedules.


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